Panna Stone
Panna Stone(Emerald Stone)
Zambian Panna
Zambian Emerald (African Panna Stone)
Colombian Panna
Columbian Emerald (Colombian Emerald)
Brazilian Panna
African Emerald (Brazilian Emerald)
Swat Panna
Swat Emerald (Swat Emerald)
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About Panna stone

Known as Markat Mani in Southern part of India, Panna Stone is considered to be most auspicious Gemstone, the Idol of Lord Ganesha was made out of this Gemstone in ancient India. Still many of the old Idols in Temples of South India are made of Emerald Gemstone i.e., Panna Stone. The worship of this Gemstone can give same effects as the worship of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha gives worldly wisdom and spiritual dedication at the same time. The traditional Bania community and Jain community which were the business class in the Hindu India wear at least one Emerald Gemstone i.e., Panna Stone in their little finger in a silver ring or in a pendant. This Gemstone is also kept in the place of worship to bring the grace of Ganeshji in your life.

(African Panna Stone)

Mostly seen in the hands of people in the area of finance, business, trade and industry. Those desirous of earning wealth in a big way must wear a Panna Stone i.e., Emerald Gemstone with a strong and vibrant AURA in their Right Hand Little Finger.

In Hindu Astrology, Panna Stone is the Gemstone of Planet Budh i.e., Planet Mercury. This is the Gem for Zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. Where Budh is weak the person feels many problems in life the first is the the inability to create wealth earning assets in life. The wisdom of taking decisions for achieving overall high status in life is missing in life.
Panna Stone
My Guruji had very high opinion of Panna Stone and recommended it in number of cases with very good results. I too recommend Panna Stone to people who have weak Budh in their chart and have seen very good results. As this is the gemstone which can control erratic temperament - it is greatly helpful in improving the strained relations between husband and wife.

Zambian Panna

This is a beautiful Gemstone which is used along with Ruby and Diamonds for making high quality Jewellery.

Panna Stone is classified according to the mines from which it is extracted. Thus, we have Colombian Panna, Zambian Panna, Brazilian Panna and Swat Panna.

Pankaj Khanna

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Panna Stone

Panna Stone is a green (Hara) Gemstone. Panna (Emerald) Gemstone comes in different shades depending on its mine of origin. Traditionally Panna Gemstone was used to make the Idols of Lord Ganesha and the Gemstone was worshiped to gain wealth.
Known as Markat Mani in Sanskrit (language). It has been admired and fought for. Many a wars were fought to acquire these Gemstones as the treasures in Indian Rulers were full of big and beautiful Panna (Emerald) Gemstones.
In Astrology Panna Stone is the Gemstone for Mercury. Mercury is the karka for the intellect, wisdom, creativity, communication skills. So wearing a Panna Stone (Emerald) Gemstone leads to better intellectual powers, creativity, and extra ordinary communication skills

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Panna Stone Price in India

Since ages Panna Stone is mined in India and rough Panna Stone is imported from across the globe. The cutting, polishing and finishing is done in various centers in India. This art of cutting the Panna Stone has passed from one generation to another generation. As it is a very intricate work to cut the Rough Panna Stone and take out pieces that can be finished into Gem Grade Material and remove the waste, it needs lots of expertise and experience. So the workforce doing this work is highly skilled.
This kind of skilled workforce is found in various areas of India namely Khambat, Alipur, Orissa, Patna, Chennai, Trichi etc.
The finished product so produced is then brought to mandi's that exist in various trading centers across the globe. but as this Panna Stone is cut and polished in India it is cheapest in India.
The Panna Stone is procured directly from the artisans cutting and polishing it by Khanna Gems Private Limited and sold by Gem Selections through internet and through its brick and mortar shop.
Khanna Gems Private Limited also has facilities of cutting and polishing Panna Stone. If you want best Panna Stone and at most competative prices the you should get it from Gem Selections, Janakpuri, New Delhi.

Brazilian Panna

Panna Stone is a beautiful, vibrant and lustrous Gemstone but it is soft and gets scratched very easily. Due to this property it needs a lot of care.
Loose Pannas, Pannas Rings and other Jewellery studded with Pannas should never be kept along with other Gems especially sapphires and Diamonds.
When loose Pannas have to be stored, they should be covered with a light film of oil so that they do not get damaged by coming in contact with each other.
If loose Pannas or Jewellery studded with Pannas has to be cleaned it should be washed with plain water or water in which mild shampoo or RETHA is mixed. Always remember detergents are a strict NO.
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Price of Panna

An Panna Stone is valued, like any other Gemstone on the basis of following parameters:
Colour: An Panna Stone with deep green colour is valued higher than an Panna with light shade or white patches. This principal is applicable according to the mines from which an Panna comes.
Lusture: A sparkling Panna emitting radiance and showing internal brilliance will be valued higher than a dull Gemstone. Cut: The cutting of the Panna should be fine so that its natural properties are enhanced.
Weight: A big Panna is always valued at a higher price. Big Pannas are rare so naturally they command a better price than small Pannas.
Clarity: Pannas with lesser inclusions are valued at a higher price than those with inclusions or opaque Pannas Mines: The Pannas from Swat Valley in Pakistan are most highly valued. The Pannas from Zambia, Brazil, India, Columbia are valued as per there texture, colour and clarity.
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Benefits of Wearing an Panna

1. Emerald stone or Panna stone is the Gemstone of mercury. The traditional Vedic Texts suggest that by wearing Panna Stone (Emerald Stone) one can strengthen Planet mercury or budh.

2. If one wears Panna Stone regularly in a ring, pendant, bracelet or kamar bandh he gets a. For Better concentration power.

b. Improved your logical ability
c. Improved your communication skills,
d. Earning ability is improved
e. One gains money and ability to hold on to money.
f. It brings calmness and thereby improves the relationships.
g. Those trying for better results, promotions, increased reverses in business and better status must wear Panna Stone.
h. My experience shows that those who wear big Panna Stone or Multiple Panna stone always get the support of the invisible hand of fate and achieve a position better than their competitors.

Panna Stone is the Gem of Mercury and in Astrology Mercury represents the intellect, nervous system, finances, communication skills etc.
By wearing an Panna the rays of the planet mercury entering the body get enhanced this improves the strength of the nervous system and the ability to think, to analyse and interpret the situations and give quick responses.
The financial position of the person improves and the accumulated liquid resources get bigger in size.
Communication skills are the key to getting success in every field of of life be it personal or professional. These skills get improved by regularly wearing a good Panna. buy Panna Stone

Panna stone Water:

Especially selected 5 Pannas are put in 60ml water for 24 hours. This is then taken out and kept in sunlight for 15 minutes then should be given for drinking.
Though, this water is useful for all people it is strongly recommended for people suffering from diseases related to nervous ststem.
Systematic use of this water has benefited many people with chronic nervous system problems. People of Vedic Age and Inca civilization used this water to keep control over their bodies even in adva

3. Panna stone (Emerald Stone) comes from four prominent mines.

(1) Brazil (Brazil Panna Stone)
(2) Colombian (Colombian Panna Stone)
(3) Zambia (Zambian Panna Stone)
(4) Swat (Swat Panna Stone)

The Brazilian Panna (come from Brazil) is deep green in colour like grass and comes in qualities which are opaque to transparent varieties.

The Colombian panna (come from Colombian) is parrot green in colour and is more transparent then Panna stone from any other mine. It closely resembles bar stone and is often confused with it.

The Zambian Panna (come from Zambia) is bluish Green in colour and is quite transparent. Good Quality Panna Stone is rare and always very precious.

Swat Panna (come from Jammu and Kashmir) is the most eye pleasing Panna Stone available today. Its supply is limited these days as since 1947 it is in disturbed area. But it has a very beautiful green colour and shining liquid like inclusions inside.

FAQs on Panna Stone

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Panna Stone Name in different Language

Panna name in middle English Emeraude,

Panna name in Old French esmeraude,

Panna name in Vulgar Latin esmaralda and Esmaraldus

Panna name in Latin smaragdus,

Panna name in Ancient smragdos,

Panna name in Russian izumrud,

Panna name in Turkish zmrt,

Panna name in Persian zomorrod,

Panna name in Sanskrit marakata,

Panna Stone Finger

Panna Stone Finger Panna stone should be wear in last finger (5th finger) Mercury finger. Last finger known as Pinky finger,

Which metal should we use to wear Panna stone

Metal for Panna stone ring You should wear Panna stone in Gold and Silver Ring.

Mantra for Panna Stone

Mantra for Panna stone Mantra for wearing Panna Stone is "Om! Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhai Namah" it should be chanted 108 times

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Panna stone for mercury

Planet for Panna Stone

Panna Stone for Mercury If you want to strong your planet of mercury then You have to wear a Stone is Panna stone.

When should we wear Panna stone

When the Planet of mercury is sitting in the house of 2nd house, 1st house, 4th or 5th house then Panna stone is suitable for us.


Mercury is the first planet in the list and is known as the planet of communication and is always associated with travel, wisdom and state of mind of an individual governing the attitude of generosity and inclination towards the religious and spiritual activities. It is responsible for the learning capabilities of people and when in beneficial or strong position it provides immense energy to the concerned person in learning and communication skills, they handle every task in their hands with ease and effectively in a positive manner. Anyhow if malefic or lying under unfavorable position then the bearer is prone to face problems like stammering ,loss of memory and other problems related to their communicating skills .Also one is very much vulnerable to develop an attitude of arrogance and ending up as a gambler, cheat ,fraud ,unpredictable or immoral character.

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Rates of Various Qualities Of Panna Stones

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