Ashlesha: Gemstone – Panna ( The Nakshatra Ruled by Mercury)

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The Nakshatra Ruled by Mercury Ashlesha is the Ninth Nakshatra. Number nine is considered to be the auspicious number in Hindu system.

Ashlesha represents the serpent power or the KUNDALINI shakti in the lower tip of the spine which is awakened opens the Third Eye or the Mystical powers and the peek of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Ashlesha people have snake eyes both physically and metaphorically. They can be very wise and nasty at the same time.

The Nakshatra – Ashlesha- is ruled by planet mercury and its Gemstone is Panna Stone. The excessive drain of nervous energy by the Ashlesha people is smoothened by the use of Panna Stone.

Symbol:        Coiled Serpent
Nature:         Rakshasa
Motivation:    Dharma
Direction:       South
Deity:           Naga – the serpent king

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