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Swat valley is the heaven of Pakistan. Pakistan has precious and semi-precious minerals like peridot, aquamarine, ruby, different type of topaz and Swat panna (Emerald) due to these minerals Pakistan known as precious stone’s country.

Swat valley known as their emerald (Panna) Pakistan’s northern and southern side three mountains there Hindukush, Himalaya, and Karakorum these mountains known as their minerals which is in Pakistan. In Pakistan Karachi was the biggest market of rough cut gems (Swat Panna) but after sometime due to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Karachi reduces their business and Peshawar is overtaking their gems business and soon time Peshawar was the biggest market of gemstone trade. Peshawar is the single place where Pakistan and Afganistan’s gems found easily.

Pakistan Gems and Mineral Show is held annually in Peshawar since 1994.
Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company regularly holds Gem Bazaars (exhibitions) in Quetta and Peshawar.

The third Islamabad Gem Exhibition was held in February 2013.
Gemstones Corporation of Pakistan was established to develop the gemstones sector in Pakistan in 1978.

Swat is a valley and an district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is the upper valley of the Swat River, which rises in the Hindu Kush range.

If someone really wants to buy Swat Emerald or swat Panna stone then he should know about the swat Panna colour, cut and clarity this are the points which is known by customer.
Swat panna stone
Swat Emerald or Swat Panna is found in only Pakistan's Swat valley.

These days fake and artificially enhanced Gem Stones have filled the market. If you want to buy Natural, Non Heated, Non Treated Gemstones with 'Govt. Lab Certificate' please contact us

How to check Swat Panna Originality

IGI (Indian Gemological Institute) – GTL (Gem Testing Laboratory) – Certified Laboratory has examined Swat Panna stone carefully with specialized instrument and prepared this report to the best of its knowledge and professional standards.

In this Swat Panna page where you can find a below of this page an image which is related to Swat Panna Certification (Govt. Lab Certification)

IGI – Full form of this “Indian Gemological institute” Govt. Certified Lab where you can give your precious stone and semi-precious gemstone like Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl get a Zambian originality certificate. When you get this Government Lab certificate then there is no doubt.

When you get your certificate then you can see some points like Swat Panna colore, Swat Panna (Light Green) weight, (4.31 Carats) Swat Panna Description, Swat Panna Shape & Cut, (Oval/Mixed) Swat Panna Dimensions, (10.84 x 8.63 x 5.38 mm.), Transparency (Translucent), Magnification (Inclusions Identical to Natural), Other Test (IR Spectra Analysis) and Comments is important (Indications of heating are observed with significant amount of residue filled in healed fissures.

Corundum is generally heated to modify its colore and / or transparency.

Why people want Gems Originality Certificate because they have already cheated by some Jewelers who gives Swat panna’s substitute and tell them that this is natural Swat Panna and customer paid large amount on this Swat Panna but this is Green Onlyx which is low value gemstone. Why customer cheated because they do not have much knowledge about this that’s a main reason behind this point so We want to advise that if you are going to buy and want to expensive Swat Panna then please take a Govt. Lab Certificate to Jewelers.

Swat panna valley

Swat valley for Swat Panna

Natural Panna Panna : If the Swat Panna have no heated and treaded treatment found then call it Natural Swat Panna.

Eye Clean Swat Panna : If you caught Swat Panna between two fingers and see through light then there in obstacles in this gemstone then this Eye clean Swat Panna. With the help of Eye you can see colore, Transparency of this Swat Panna.

Transparency : If you are looking transparent Zambian Panna then you have pay more money of this because it is too costly due to transparent.

Difference between Ratti and Carat : All Astrologer advised you weight of gemstone in Ratti which is to be 180 mg. and carat is 200 mg. 20 mg is the difference between Ratti and Carat.

Which Finger to wear a Swat Panna stone

Panna Stone Finger Swat Panna Stone should be worn in the little finger of right hand. The ring should be neither light nor loose or you can say it should be comfortably light so that it does not fall away while washing hands or else ware.

Swat Panna stone should be wore in which metal

Metal for Panna stone ring Silver is also a brain tonic and as it in worn against skin it is absorbed micron by micron in the body thereby magnifying the effects of Swat Panna stone. Swat Panna Stone should be worn in a silver ring for best effects. Remember Panna Stone is the Gemstone of Mercure the karka for nervous system.

Mantra for Swat Panna stone

Mantra for Panna stone As per Hindu Astrology Swat Panna Stone(Swat Emerald Stone) is the Gem of Mercury i.e., The mantra for this Planet is Budh “ Om! Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhai Namah”. This should be chanted 108 times in a single sitting on a onyx mala of 108 beads. The mantra should be performed in such a manner that at least you yourself are able to hear it.

Swat Map for Swat Panna

Swat Map Swat panna

Who should wear a Swat Panna Stone

1. Swat Panna : Create a huge wealth for them.
2. Swat Panna : For Strong thing the Nervous system.
3. Swat Panna : To increase the earning ability.
4. Swat Panna : This is a must for traders of all kinds.
5. Swat Panna : This improves mathematical ability so a must for students, Teachers of mathematics.
6. Swat Panna : Senior citizens facing problems of nervous system.
7. Swat Panna : Those fighting court cases.
8. Swat Panna : Lovers – who want to marry a particular person.

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Panna Stone


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